Dwight Maddox is not only one of the nicest guys I've ever met, he's also a true artist. Dwight can take a look at an existing guitar or a block of material and see something truly artistic to create with it. A true talent that I have never seen in my life. The most memorable project we worked on together was Dwight's SoCo & Lime guitar. We had a number of standard Washburn guitars which I took to Dwight to have him create something special for the SoCo Brand Manager. At first glance, Dwight had amazing ideas of how to turn this into a stunning brand piece that the Brand Manager was in awe over. This though was only outdone by the SoCo Bottle guitar that he created for the brand team as well. If you want custom guitar work by a master go to Dwight. He's got the vision, will create something that will blow your mind, and will also create something that you can play everyday! -Jason Schneck (Label Relations/Rhapsody International)

"My MDX guitar has proven time and time again to be a valuable and versatile instrument in the studio. We've used it on the newest Cowboy Mouth Album to achieve a broad range of sounds and sonic colors. I cannot recommend MDX Guitars highly enough." -Fred Leblanc (Drummer/Singer/Songwriter/ Producer- Cowboy Mouth)

"Dwight is the best guitar builder I have ever know. His passion for building comes through my playing. The guitar is just as much a part of the art as the music. I have played and recorded things that without Dwight's craftmanship I would not have ever been inspired to do.- Anthony Gemignani

"Dwight's craftsmanship is superb. Also the fact he listened and responded to every detail I asked for,down to the glow-in-the-dark stars embedded in the fret board. it plays like its from heaven, hence the reason we call it our 'Blue Angel'..." -John Thomas Griffith (Red Rockers, Cowboy Mouth)

"When you get a guitar built by Dwight, its not one of a bunch coming out of a factory. Dwight is a true artist and his guitars are true pieces of art." -Vance Degeneres

"Short and simple, Dwight possesses unfettered vibrant creative vision that empowers and enables him to build unique unparalleled instruments that play and sound great!" -Dennis F. Brown (Alan Jackson, Mark Chestnut, Doug Stone)

"I have two basses and soon a third, made by Dwight and MDX Guitars. With each instrument no matter how "otherworldly and science-fiction" you would like it to be,Dwight makes each creation with a very organic feel and sound. With all the pedals and effects I use, all of my MDX Basses still have that warm, analogue sound. Overall, he makes your instrument an extension of your musical vision, sound, and soul." - FREEKBASS