How did you do that? ;)

When did you make your first guitar?  1985 

Where are you from?  I am from West Point Mississippi but live in Atlanta Ga now.
Of all the MDX Guitars, what is your favorite?  The next one.
What’s with the owl? It is actually an Egyptian hieroglyphic. I started using him on my 2nd or 3rd guitar. His name is Travis, after my father and brother.

What guitar hardware do you recommend?  HipShot.  Great people making a great product!

What pickups do you like to use?  EMG. rocket fuel in the gas tank...
What’s the hardest thing you have done?  The Camino De Santiago. A 500 mile walk across Spain.
That, and the Blue Angels guitars.
What is life like with Cowboy Mouth?   Did you see the interview with Beck where his answer to the question was him taking off his shoe and throwing it across the room? It’s a lot like that. I love my Cowboy Mouth family.
Anything exciting for the future?  Always, and will probably be holographic. It’s the art of the future.